Carr Head Pupils Launch Poulton’s New Summer Maths Maze

Children from Carr Head Primary, in Poulton-le-Fylde, had fun with numbers, when some of the pupils explored a brand new Maths Maze around the town.

The Maze, devised by the Maths Monster and his friends at Appletree Financial Solutions Limited, in Breck Road, Poulton, encourages kids to have fun with numbers, whilst using their eyes to explore the town in a whole new way.

Children are asked to follow the Maths Maze, spotting numbers on signs, buildings, shop windows, retail displays and public monuments and commemorations and then write these down.  Back in the classroom, or at home, they are then asked to use those numbers to answer KS2-type maths questions.

Once all answers are filled in, the completed Maths Maze forms can be handed in to either a teacher, or the Appletree Financial Solutions office.  One child who has made friends with the Maths Monster will win £25, whilst their school could win £150 in maths materials.  Entries need to be submitted by August 31 2015 and children need to be aged under 11 years to enter.

Appletree Financial Solutions’ managing director, David Gallagher, says: “Our Maths Maze encourages children to explore Poulton-le-Fylde in a new way, perhaps discovering things they never knew about, or had spotted before, whilst on a quest to find numbers.  In this way, they have fun with the numbers that form the basis of maths problems, before finding out how to use the numbers in an educational way. It’s very important that children have a good grasp of numbers, which will obviously help them throughout their education journey, future adulthood and the financial world we all live in.

“Wyre Brorough Council thinks it a great idea and has offered to help us promote it on social media channels, so we hope that parents and kids can perhaps pick up a copy from our offices, during the summer holidays, and embark on their quest to spot numbers.”

The Maths Maze starts halfway up Hardhorn Road and ends in St Chad’s churchyard, but the starting point can really be anywhere in the town centre.  The Maths Monster has taken care not to have children crossing too many roads, with the majority of the answers being found within the pedestrianised area.


Head to Appletree Financial Services at 12-14 Breck Road to collect a copy, or call 01253 886600, if you would like some copies.


Carr Head Pupils Launch Poulton’s New Summer Maths Maze